Apple Computer, Inc.

Working on Apple design projects is every designer’s dream. After all, the Apple brand is a integral part of our daily lives. We depend on our Macs everyday to help us design, the music that gets us going flows from our iPods, and our iPhones keep us connected to everyone and everything that is important to us. JOD takes great pride in the fact that we are a trusted vendor to work with the Apple brand through our strategic partner Connected Marketing. Connected Marketing has been delivering a diverse set of marketing services to Apple for over 10 years. JOD works with Connected Marketing to design websites, marketing collateral, sales training kits, event promotions and even holiday cards.

Apple Consultants Network Website

Visit the Apple Consultants Network website.

Mac in the Enterprise Collateral

Apple and HP Seminar Series Event Promotion

Apple Solution Professionals Website

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Apple Enterprise Sales Holiday Card